Wednesday, June 1, 2011

San Diego

So now im chilling in San Diego, California, and its a lovely sunny day, perfect weather, and im sitting in a Starbucks enjoying free internet and AC. Not that id need it, if they had a patio i would be outside :D. So, you ask, how did i make it to this very moment in space and time?

Well i should first start off what i left out last post, and that was Bourbon Street in New Orleans. At night that place is party chaos. There are no cars on the street for the streets are filled with the drunken and inebriated, plus the occasional cops on horseback. The people and the streets are littered with half empty cups of booze and glittering beads. The streets hum with a roar of people out to have a good time. If you like to party, you will love to take a stroll down Bourbon on a Friday night. If any of you kandi kids want beads for free, check it out. I literally got like two pounds of beads (if not more). And its a shame, cause there are slim to none Kandi Kids out there. However, on Bourbon Street i did have the lucky chance to find a guy playing electro house from his boombox and i took the time to rage it out on the street, lights in my hand and all.

So the morning after we rise and head for our trip to California. We ended up not being able to wait for the van due to various bojangling and time constraints. We travelled from the bayou's of Louisiana to the muggy Mississippi and Arkansas, throgh the outstretched plains of Oklahoma, through the hot and empty tip of Texas and the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona until we finally made it to California. I wish the road was as easy as to be contained in a sentence, but life is rough and gas is expensive. So ive been hired into the career of Sphanging and Busking. So we eventually made it to the West Coast in 3 days and now we are staying in San Diego for now. I hope to go up to Los Angeles, and we shall see how the road treats me up there. But let me just tell you for now, the west coast is the best coast. So far i havent gotten a ticket or harassed by the police for busking, and ive had food every single day ive been down here. Not too bad for a traveller, hmm??

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  1. Glad to hear you made it, and aren't starving either. I know someone who hula hoops in San Diego, it looks like a great place.