Friday, May 27, 2011

New Orleans

So im sorry its taken so long to respond, it seems as if the interwebs is hard to find on the road :( But now that im behind a keyboard (and hopefully internet explorer wont crash on me again) its time to update my travels to the city of New Orleans

My trip down the road ran through Johnson City, Tennessee. I and another member of the party, Sunshine the Pixie, left from Mineral, VA with the wind at our backs and a chill stop in Lynchburg, VA with our beautiful soul of a friend Cody. So we made it down the road to Johnson City, TN to chill with some friends of Sunshines, Savannah, Benny and Justin. Out in Johnson City there is a lot of clay, and i may have to build an Anagrama kiln among other things out that way.

So on we were, travelling through Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to the state of New Orleans to the dark mystical city of New Orleans to meet up with two members of our party. Reighn the Privateer and Bobbi the Rogue. This city has a mystical feel to it, much like the feel of Moulin Rouge, but there is no Ewan Mcgregor or Nicole Kidman. But the presence of carnivale in a porland city runs through the streets, intermixed with the pastel colors of the opulent buildings of the french quarter. The city hums with a vibrant carousel of creole and blues, like the dark port world of Old Orleans. Unfortunately there is no raver scene here, And for that i feel slightly out of place. But there is a drifter community, the late night streets are roamed by them, shared also with the sultry ladies of the smoky night and the rough tough frontiersman travellers about the night. The night air is filled with music, however this does not prove to be beneficial for the busker or sphanger. But the bars are open all night and the liquor stores never close. I have never seen her during the day, however, but even the houses have a lively pastel colored opulence that feels like carnival. Today i plan to roam through the catacombs and visit Madame Laveau. Tonight, we shall see the Frenchman's Quarter enveloped in the friday nightlife, a mystical night to be romaing through Bourbon St. and Frenchman St. Tomorrow, i shall be gone, so until then i shall live life as the New Orleansians do. I have learned some life lessons to live by as well. Firstly, nothing is ever really "yours" or "mine" in a sense, for everything will eventually be left behind to fade away. Attachment to possesional things is an illusion in this world, and who is to say what you truly own when the world is ended. Keep that in mind when bad circumstances and unfortunate losses do happen, and in the end youll see that everything is yours when nothing at all is. You just have to know how to access it and learn to let go to recieve in the end. Although im sure thats one of many lessons im destined to learn along the way. So, until the wind blows me away again, This is Lupescuro from New Orleans.

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